It’s very exciting to announce the debut of the website for the Happier You book. The book was designed simply for your enjoyment and to give you one positive place to go anytime you need a little encouragement or would like to feel better. When your life feels like a struggle or you are looking for inspiration, Happier You can help you reclaim your happiness.

The website has an overview of how the book came to be, excerpts from several chapters, stories and a sampling of the Happier Habits in Action. You can also purchase Happy Packs of the books through the website.

Begin your journey towards a Happier You by exploring, discovering and learning more about the benefits of being in a happier state of mind. You’re also invited to subscribe to the Happy Habits in Action newsletter to receive updates on how to create a Happier You.

Sharing the book with someone you love can help them reclaim their happiness as well!

To your happiness,
Tom Huling