Happier You

Encouraging a Happier Humanity

Happiness is a journey you were born to take, a destination that lies within you awaiting your attention.

– Tom Huling



What people are saying about Happier You

Tom thank you for writing your beautiful book!  I have worked as a transformational leadership coach for 15 years and I love the way you have presented such powerful concepts in such a clear, inviting and practical way!  I’ll be reading it with my four young kids, too. Starting them off on the right path!

 ~ Lindsay S.

I loved your book Tom…for many reasons… priceless nuggets to help me stay positive (and keep life in perspective) while starting over at 60.  I know that you excelled at TM, Ninja Warrior, business, marriage, etc. etc., but I was still blown away how gifted a writer you are.  Your stories & the sage advice from your heart will leave a lasting impression on many & change countless lives including mine. Thank You!

~ Lory

Thank you, thank you!!  Please tell Tom he is my new Idol / Motivational author. This book totally describes how I feel about life in general! I want to shout the quotes and his take on life from the roof top.  I will pass out his book and spread the Happiness.

~ Megan A 

I am reading your Book when my Dad puts it down. Amazing, it feels like you wrote it for me!!! A little narcissistic on my part. Seriously, you should send a copy to Oprah and the View. 

~ Eileen

Tom, I keep meaning to say “Thanks for the book.” I have it with me in my bag for work. You, my friend, are so positive…I hope it wears off on me…Can’t thank you enough for your wonderful outlook on Life that inspires not only me but all who read your book.

~ Sheri

Hey Tommy!  I just wanted to let you know that I brought your book camping with me, and read it cover to cover.  It was so enjoyable to read some of the personal anecdotes.  I have a friend who I think could benefit from your wisdom on prioritizing one’s passions, so I’ll be sharing my copy of the book with him. Thanks for putting more positivity out in the world!

~ Ryan

Just want you to know that I read your whole book over the last two nights and am SO proud of what you accomplished. It is such a positive and simple message, written in a way that can and should appeal to millions.

~ John H

By the way we are enjoying your book. In fact I’ve taken on the slogan.  “I choose to be happy.” Thanks for the positive perspective.

~ Sully

“Interesting that as I read each chapter of your book, I think of different people that I would like to share the book with.”  

~ Dave B

By the way, I read the book and LOVED it. I would like to buy 10 copies to have on hand to give people who I think would benefit from it.

~ Pam 

Loved your book – gave it to my youngest Daughter. Want to buy some for Christmas gifts. Send me your email. Great seeing you.

~ John

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